Each piece is shipped with a small folded card with the Horse image below, space for a message, and the verbiage/blurb below:

"Through the generations, man kept diaries of his surroundings. Prehistory records man's homage to the horse. Admiration of the horse is evident the very moment man was able to express himself through paintings & drawings. I feel this is THE greatest accomplished mark in man's evolution. Here is evidence of his ability to think abstractly from the 3 dimensional world, into 2 dimensional images of simple, spiritual sophistication. The horse impressed such awe and stature that its image has been repeated & honored from the beginning of time" ~Cynthia Andersen

Functional fine art pieces inspired by Paleolithic images thought to be over 100,000 years old. Only American made food safe glazes are used. Tableware is dishwasher & microwave safe. Our images are exclusive & are free hand drawn so no two pieces are alike.

Cynthia Andersen & Donna Keller ~Founders of Orion Crossing Fine Art~ In our own way helping to bring the lost art of ceramics & hand craftsmanship back to "Made in the USA".



We hope you enjoy our tableware, serving platters and bowls, vases, bathroom accessories, sinks and tiles. If there is anything you would like us to make available, please email us your request.